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Radar Chaos is a realistic radar-based air traffic control game and simulation
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Radar Chaos is a fun realistic radar-based air traffic control game and simulation. This game is all radar. Instead of controlling an airport's runways and taxiways, you instead control the 400 square miles of airspace that surround the airport. Radar Chaos is intended for everyone, regardless of aviation experience.
The first four levels are basic 'maze' levels. In these leves we turn the realism slider back a little bit in order to give new players a chance to become familiar with the basics. All radar symbols and information have been simplified with the new player in mind.
Those who have real-world aviation experience, or those who develop skills from the first few easy levels, can progress forward by selecting higher realism options such as realistic data tags and aircraft radar imagery, the true-airspeed model, as well as realistic aircraft performance.



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